The Thai Massage and their effectiveness

The Thai Massage in Europe also so-called Thai Yoga Massage or Thai Spa Massage, is one of the oldest, traditional healing arts of the world. The roots lie in the Ayurvedic medicine, as it has been developed more than 2500 years ago in India.

The Thai Massage is a holistic massage which is deeply rooted in the Thai tradition. It is one of the ancient healing techniques of Thai medicine and is fundamentally different to the usual in western massage, also known as classic massage or Swedish massage.

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    The Thai massage is basically a preventive application for active health care. Preventive Thai massage is for example a suitable method for back pain, breathing difficulties and spanning. It can protect against muscle cramps and muscular strain. It helps to maintain or even increase the mobility.

    The Thai massage is not to all acute symptoms a tool proven, it is a proven application and very effective in acute or chronic pain, among others in head-neck-shoulder-back, pain in the arms, legs and hips, as well as muscle and tendon pain. It also treats numbness in fingers and toes, and other body parts.

    The Thai massage predominantly dissolves superficial and deep tensions and provides a soothing relaxation. A superordinate action unfolds on the intellectual and spiritual level: The suffering human being from a mental or spiritual upset moves into a state of deep relaxation, body and mind can relax and recharge.

    Thai massage helps with cramps and hardened muscles, complaints at the spinal column and crooked posture caused by muscle spanning. It treats effects of everyday stress such as nervousness, restlessness, tension and uses natural body energy again. It improves blood circulation, breathing and lymph circulation, increases metabolism and digestion and supports the immune system.

    Also it helps to break down blockages of energy flow, before they establish themselves both mentally and physically. In the teaching of traditional Thai massage the pressure causes on specific energy points and energy lines the relief of migraine pain, knee pain, nerve pain, sensory disturbances, problems of the digestive tract such as diarrhoea, nausea or constipation and insomnia.

    The success and benefits of the Thai massage is despite various fields of application also dependent on the type and duration of a massage and the present symptoms and their age, and cannot be guaranteed. The classical Thai massage according to ancient teaching takes in Thailand about 2-3 hours. For relief or redress of grievances, we recommend at least 1 hour Thai massage, which should be repeated two to three times at intervals of 2-3 weeks. For general health care you should enjoy a Thai massage at regular intervals. We offer traditional Thai massage in the form as it is taught and practiced for centuries in Thailand.

    We carry out our Thai massage usually as Thai wellness massages and not as so-called therapeutic massages.

    Methods of Thai-Massage

    The Thai Massage is divided into five different application techniques and carried out with this:

    1. Brush
    On the limbs, the back and the torso uniform strokes are performed. The movements are carried out in the direction of the heart. The pressure exerted by subtle to strong pressure favours a relaxation of the muscles, thus the blood flow and lymphatic drainage to speed.

    2. Knead
    By pushing against each of these muscles they get stretched. This results in a loosening of the muscle tissue. Muscle tightness are eliminated. The kneading removes tension.

    3. Rub
    In this technique, the massage therapist uses grinding, circular motions. He uses fingers, thumbs and palms. The pores open and the blood vessels dilate. This method leads to better blood circulation and eliminates hardening of the muscles.

    4. Tap
    To achieve a better blood flow to the muscles, the massage therapist applies the tapping technique. One tap and clap in loosened manner, the nervous system is stimulated.

    5. Vibrations
    Through the rhythmic vibration the body deposits are removed with the blood from the body.

    This application techniques of massage are offered as full-body and partial body massage.

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Our most popular treatments

Traditional Thai Massage

The Traditional Thai massage is a string of up to 130 movements of full body massage.

Thai Oil Massage

The herbal oil massage promotes important metabolic functions in the body, makes the skin supple.

Aromatic Oil Massage

The aroma oil massage gently stimulates the circulation, relaxes and activates the metabolism. We use aromatic soothing massage oils.

Head, Shoulder and Back Massage

A special massage for relaxation and wellness for head, shoulder and back as after a busy day. Technology mix of Thai and Oil massage with selected massage oil.

Swedish Massage

Known as the classic massage Swedish massage is a typical back massage. Various String and kneading movements loosen the stiff and aching muscles. The use of herbal oil supports relaxation.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

Soothing heat helps muscles to relax and the essences of 10 different herbs can infiltrate deep into the skin.

Thai Head Massage

Clears the mind, it has been shown to be highly effective in bringing relief from headaches and migraines.

Sports Massage

The sports massage is a full body massage with a neutral oil.

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

After a gentle cleansing your feet and legs along the reflex zones are massaged.

Pregnant Woman Massage

Besides the Foot massage and the Sports massage all kinds of massage types can be applied medically, taking into account the particular circumstances. There all the usual offers massages.

Partner massage

We offer all massages also as a partner massage.

No Erotic

From us you receive only applications based on traditional Thai massage teaching.

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